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My Experience with Jesus - A meeting in my room! @SpiritualHomieNaomi Full Testimony !

Why I left the Church Building........

****My story of leaving the church****

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"The Holy Spirit" via Bible Project

Breathe L.I.F.E. Ministries presents...Shades of God's Beauty!!

The Holy Spirit is interceding for you!

The Holy Spirit is interceding for you!

Last night as I was sleeping, I heard a door close and then a loud audible voice say, "Naomi, I am praying for you". At first, I thought it was my mom because it was a sweet voice, not male or female just a soft voice. I then woke up like it was time for me to get up cause my mom gets up at 4 am like every morning. But as I got up, I felt an overwhelming amount of peace over me. I looked around my hall way and no one was there and I looked at the...