Who said Christian Artist can't spit?! Watch this video then decide!

The other night after our #SpiritualHomiesConnect, a few artist that performed during the open mic decided to record a cypher. This cypher was AMAZING! Not one curse word, one perverse analogy, just straight up rapping on what God has done in their life and what is is still doing! 

This video proves that you can still live your dreams, have fun and be who you are in Christ Jesus! I love how God made each person uniquely and has given us different gifts and talents to share his love to the world!

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Shout out to those who are running it on that "truck beat" - @oracleofficial, @s_t_king - @corey_coop & Ice! w/ @robinicoleK  & @inny5hunned on that track!!

These are #SpiritualHomies - Check out below!

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