We are his MVP

Today I would like to speak on how much God loves us. At times we feel like we can not "feel" his love. As Christian's and believers in Christ, we should not always go on what we feel, but on what we believe and see through the word of God.

It just amazes me on how endearing he is to us. How loyal he is. How faithful and of good counsel he is to us!

We are his MVP- his most valuable player in this game called life, and he wants to coach us through it! 

When Moses was telling the Israelite's to not worry or fear when God was leading them to freedom, he spoke the words of God over them, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 3:16! 

God cares for us so much that he informs us that we will never leave be alone and then gives us a prep talk as a coach! He leads us in the game of life!

He loves to tell us in his word on how to be strong, courageous, brave and confident in ourselves and in him! For he will never leave our side, he is with us now and nothing will ever come in the way of what God has planned for us if we just keep putting him first!

It still makes me so joyful inside to know that I have a real COACH on my side! Speaking to me daily through his word and his Holy Spirit! 

For those who are physically alone daily, no one speaking into your life, Rely on GOD! Rely on his word! Rely on his Holy Spirit! Let his coaching through the book of life be all the encouragement you need to keep you in the game!

God knew you before you were even created. He formed you into your mothers womb, Jeremiah 1:5. He designed your body, mind and spirit. He knows exactly what you need to do to complete this race with him! And he wants to coach you to the finish line! 

Will you let him be your coach? Will you let him show you how to win in this game we call life? I know I do! 

Lets Pray. 

Dear God, 

I thank you for my close friends and followers who dedicate their lives to your word and Spirit. I pray that you lead them into their purpose and calling that you designed for them before they were even born. I pray you make doors open, you set them free from past bondage and you coach them daily through your word as they read the book of life. I pray for your true presence to surround them every day of their life. We believe in you and we seek to do your will. Coach us Father and keep us safe! We love you! 

In Jesus Name - AMEN!


The word is so good! It gives you instructions on how to live this life!

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