We fall down, but we GET up!!!


Testimony‬ time!!!

2 years ago. I went fully sober. I gave my life to God and I started serving him in all areas in my life...but then...a few months after, I met someone that I knew was not going to be good for me. But I let them into my life. I let them make themselves comfortable in my environment. The environment God provided for me, I disrespected God and gave into my own sins that only made me happy for some time. I was still in Love with God, but not being fully obedient to his will for my life.

Sin then took another year of my life because I didn't not obey God and I still suffered from a spirit of rejection. See the person I allowed in my life, acted as if he loved me, needed me but never gave me what I truly needed and that was God's love and then a ring. So I put my hope in a man who had no Godly wisdom, no trust in God so therefore he was not loyal to me, didn't care about me. And I became hurt, torn and fell back into vices instead of going to GOD and repent!

After some time and the Holy Spirit convicting me over and over, God sent a friend into my life and then she gave me a book called @thosewhowaitongod to read. I read it In August 2015. This book opened my eyes to the calling God has on my life. He allowed me to go through that heart break just for me to read that book to see that there are other Christians just like me, who have a purpose and calling on their life but the devil tries to come in and distract us! And we fall for it! He take's us off track! I am so thankful that God put @robinicolek & @thosewhowaitongod in my life.

After I read that book, I went to God and told him I am ready to be accountable of everything and ready to be truly obedient to him. No more drinking, smoking, sexing or groping and even the others sins like disrespect, being rude and having pride, God is now helping me fight against those sins! I'm ready to be a truly believer and be an example of his Holy Power. He has been changing me, using me and bringing me into my destiny. And I now know when to say Yes and No!

I am practicing celibacy and fasting from dating. My body is a temple and I am respect it daily. I am fighting against the devil now when i am ‪#‎tempted‬. I'm not falling into ‪#‎sins‬ anymore! I am strong. ‪#‎Powerful‬ and I know I am a ‪#‎warrior‬ for ‪#‎Christ‬ and my life! I am a prayer warrior, worship fighter and child of GOD! What is it that you wish you were free from today?! Can't do it on your own strength, gotta go to Jesus Christ and receive his power! 

Everyday we have a choice on what we want to do. When God enters your life, he directs you daily on what choices to make that will help you. If we lean on our own understanding and guess and just go with the flow, we move on our feelings, and our feelings are not consistent, they are not strong, we need to move on the power of God through relationship with him and security in his Holy Spirit. 

Today, I urge you to reach out to him. If you are unhappy, you want change but you feel like you do not have the strength, let him give you his Strenght! He is ready to take you higher! Are you?

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