Spiritual Homie Dee-1" drops "Against Us" remix w/ his friends BIG K.R.I.T. & Lupe Fiasco!

With over 350k hits in two days, this awesome video by New Orleans own Dee-1 is officially taken over the internet! Just as his smash hit "Sallie Mae Back" this video declares a message that many are very aware of.

Daily we struggle with negativity, people around us who question our purpose and even our worth. With this video, Dee makes sure he comes straight with proclaiming GOD as his main source and GOD as his true provider with fighting against those that are against him and his purpose!

In the chorus, Dee proudly says the "Our Father" prayer loud and righteously, giving GOD the true worship as he takes care of him on this journey he has equipped him for. 

Friends BIG K.R.I.T. & Lupe Fiasco add in as they also believe that no matter what comes in the way and who is trying to stop you, just trust in yourself and God, nothing and no one can stop you from living in your destiny!

This video and song is so powerful and real, you may just need to watch this standing up cause it will sure make you want to jump and stump around! haha! 

Great job DEE! Keep it up! 

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