Andy Rebirth latest music video "Priest Kingz" !!! Video Review

"Priest Kingz" by Andy Rebirth. A great video that motivates and calls those who believe in Jesus out to be spiritual leaders and not be afraid to go out into the world and spread the love and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This video is powerful, moving, honest and truthful. If we call ourselves Christians, but not being Christ like, then who are we really? Christ walked the streets, spoke love and truth and healed the sick! We have the same power of him living in us. But are we using it?

Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 to go out into the world, every nation, baptizing them in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, making them disciples of our Lord. This is what we are called to do as believers and this video is a great visual of what discipleship and being a spiritual homie is all about! Praying for you Andy that God keeps blessing you and giving you the strength to spread his love all around the world!  God bless!

Andy Rebirth has alot of videos on YouTube and on One Accord Ministries fb page and cd's go for love offerings at !!! 

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