A poem by Spiritual Homie Naomi 


People idolizing people they never met. Putting them on a pedestal but can't love and forgive those who are in their mist.

Why do we look up to those we never seen in reality and push away those who are in our reality? We care about the unseen more then the seen. We hear the words loud and clear as if they are in our dreams. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!, from every move they make. Yet we buy their clothes, their music, watch their lives like its real and our's are fake.

When we will we wake up, when will we see the game being played? That we are all in line to see fake lives being saved  by dollar signs, but our lives are being lived in vain. Our senses has diminished. Our hearts have become enslaved. With false hopes, false realities and false ways.

The world has programmed our thinking that we need nothing to be saved, but a house, car, shows, clothes and bag that is brand named. What is our worth now? Videos that make us a laughing joke for internet fame.

I pray that our eyes open quickly. Time is wasting away. We have visions and dreams of helping the world, but the world has us engraved. We feel like we are not worth it, we are not smart, we have no purpose and we need to be bought. 

Its all lies, from the radio, tv, movie, music and time. God the universe craves our attention. He made nature to give us everything we need, intentional. But yet we crave the things that man made which makes us irrational. 

We have truly become robots walking, talking, all being the same. Clones of an uncommon method full of dollar bills, plastic cards and quick fame to be the blame.

We are no longer ourselves. We don't know what we enjoy, because we follow those with more followers then we follow our true natural joys. 

I pray the God can save us. Not just our souls, but our lives that he gave us. The gift of living on earth for us all is a favor. But we will never see it if we don't accept and follow our savior. 


Spiritual Homie Naomi

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