#SpiritualHomiesConnect Snapchat Review!

I would like to dearly thank each and every person that came to our first official "#SpiritualHomiesConnect" Open Mic & Mixer! This event was so bomb because people that believe in the Spiritual Homie brand and who consider themselves one, came, showed out and represented God!

We had homies from all over the New Orleans area perform their favorite jams, speak on their testimony and jammed out to some of the hottest Christian rappers in the city! 

I would like to thank "The Oracle" - Team Jesus Music for hosting, promoting and being my pnc in this mission to spread the Gospel of Christ!

I would also like to thank the owners of this wonderful establishment - PJ's Coffee of Harvey on the Westbank in New Orleans for allowing us to take over and bring the light to their business! Thank you Cherie White!

And lastly, I would like to thank all my people who attended and gave me the best feedback ever for this event. The people make the world go round! We must love all people and treat each other as if God would want us to treat each other and that is with love, respect, kindness, loyalty and with trust. 

There will be many more of these events! So please stay tuned for more information!

Check out our snapchat review here!  

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