An Encounter I will NEVER forget! PRAY

My dark encounter with the enemy last night had huge meaning, please read below......

I experienced the Spiritual realm like never before. I had a dream where I was waking up from a dream, being tormented by a demonic spirit that was testing my faith. In the dream, all I remember hearing was tormented screams over and over saying, "JESUS, JESUS, JESUS" people crying over and over and over for help. However I did not see the people, I was still in my home but it was red like fire, dark and cloudy. Ashes were everywhere. I went around my house and I was trying to find my parents, I needed someone to help me pray away these demonic spirits, however, they didn't want to pray, they didn't want to have anything to do with me. So I screamed and cried on the floor as I kept asking them to pray, pray, pray as I kept hearing tormented screams of JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! I then began to wake up in real life and I panicked. I said God what just happened? He then told me that a demonic spirit of fear was tormenting me but to pray against it. But he had much to show me. He then showed me later that so many people who are in need of prayer are around us yet we are NOT praying! They are CRYING for help in the spiritual realm but we are acting as if everything is happening naturally. He needs us to PRAY.... This dream was deadly and a deadly spirit was tormenting me to be afraid during the process of this encounter. God allowed me to go through this to experience the torment daily many of those who are in hell are experiencing daily because no one prayed for them and they were lead into a life of destruction from sin, but most importantly many saw this but they did not pray for them. This demon was from Hell and came from Hell trying to torment me and give me fear in the process of God showing me the spiritual realm and revelations. . However, I began to fight the fear off but it was very distracting. After the dream I then tried to go back to sleep, I then saw a vision of a man with a blonde wig looking like a woman but he was a man, and he was being possessed by a demonic influence to act a certain way and do certain things for entertainment, he was acting as if he lost his mind but the truth was he was POSSESSED. He was not mentally ill but POSSESSED! It was so frightful to see. I then started to try and wake up and I did and again I was scared like God why is this occurring? I then had another dream right after that of me in my room and Donald Trump showed up and he had a Media Promo commercial of himself that was going to be a lie to those who believed him. It was a very controversial promo and it was going to hurt a lot of people. He then took it and glued it to my mirror and said, see this, this is going on BET. It was a hate message for all minorities. I then started screaming, NO, NO, NO. Don't do that please. After that I had another dream, a Colombian soccer player who died in the plane crash was fishing with many women and he thought he was happy but he was living a false lie and living in sin with these woman. After talking about how he loved each woman, a red car from Hell pulled up with dark black windows, it was death meeting him and ready to take him to hell. He wasn't ready for death but it was coming to pick him up. I then woke up, scared out my mind, HOWEVER, the Holy Spirit told me to call my sister Nissa Manry Fulton She walked me through prayer and seeking God about these encounters. I believe GOD allowed me to see more into the dark side of the spiritual realm to truly give an aspect of what is going on within our world with the lies of the media, killings, kidnappings, plane crashes, natural disasters and more. God is saying, There are forces around you all controlling this world that are NOT of me. We are allowing these dark forces to have there way and do as they please but we can stop them if we PRAY! We have been giving them TOO much POWER! Those who believe in me are still giving them TOO much power! If you know that Ephesians 6:10-13 is true, that we fight against principalities, then why are my children NOT PRAYING?! We are to fight in the spirit! When we see stories in the media about shootings, kidnappings, plagues, fires, etc. God said we are to pray for future occurrences. If it happen then it is a warning for it to happen AGAIN, so we take it to him, we send it up to the heavens asking God to lead us in our prayer so those who need protection get the proper protection, for those who are next up in getting attacked by a demonic spirit will not have any harm! WE ARE THE REMNANT, WE ARE THE WORKERS, If you believe in JESUS and you are NOT praying for the world and what is happening daily or what is to come, he is saying you are NOT loving your neighbor or him because he is in everyone!! Even those who do not believe in GOD, GOD still loves them! John 3:16. GOD is POWERFUL, MORE POWERFUL then these demons walking on earth doing the devils dirt! You are to PRAY, Fight in the spirit and believe that it will be done! I believe as believers if we start praying whole heartily we can STOP many current events from occurring until GOD is ready for the tribulations and the second coming. HOWEVER, we must pray for souls, protection and wisdom in this time. There can be a HUGE revival of souls and protection in this time before the 7 years of tribulations truly come to pass. The Spiritual Realm needs our faith. Will you pray??? GOD BLESS

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