Are we producing Good Fruit?

Our churches have been under a spiritual attack for years, but its becoming so common that those who are attending are BLIND, became COMFORTABLE, became OK with how the ways of man have ordered things to go. GOD is not PLEASED! Its time to WAKE UP! There is a spirit of lies, deceit and false doctrine that is being spread and if you do not have a true relationship with Christ Jesus you will fall into damnation. meaning, you will lose your faith sitting in these churches. They do not want you to answer the call to truly serve GOD, but to only serve them, to make their pockets full, to load up their pews and to give the pastors glory and not GOD... Wake up, call on God, ask him to show you what he desires for you and those in ministry! Its time to let it all go and fall to our knees, ask for forgiveness and seek him with our whole hearts. There are some who do not need to be leading any church organization, God has told you but you still are doing it because of pride and selfishness. God is not pleased, you are not in your true calling. Its not about mans approval, but God's approval. If you are not seeing GROWTH in your community, church, family, friends, then their blood will be on your hands. God has told you over and over and over but you are not answering his call.To lead you must live by example, if you can not show by example, step down! Its better to admit when your wrong then keep playing and faking like you are not and pushing it to the side. We must be bearers of GOOD FRUIT! Matthew 7:19 - A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. !!!!!!!!!! This is what is going on now in our lives, churches, community, etc. If we do not bear good fruit, the Lord will cut us out of his kingdom. We will no longer bear the blessings, the favor, the spiritual gifts. Its time for us to WAKE UP, serve him and only him and let go all traditions, rituals and man made order. God is not to be put in a box and the church has done that for so long. He can not move as he desires, the Holy Spirit can not heal because we are not allowing him to be free. This is a warning. Wake up, seek God and let go the approval of MAN. Who will save you when its time to go? JESUS or your PASTOR? REPENT, TRULY SEEK JESUS and ask him to remove the veils and stop playing church and BE THE CHURCH outside the CHURCH!

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