Fabiani Kyle speaks on being "Set Free from the Green" - Spiritual Homie Testimony

Our special friend on Facebook, Fabiani Kyle, wrote his testimony on how God delivered him from Marijuana.

Please read below his story! I know this story will encourage your walk with God! It encouraged me for sure!

Via Fabiani Kyle:

"I just wanted to speak really quick if I could, to bring Glory and honor to The Lord. For he is worthy and he alone.

I have no problem being transparent. I have no problem being honest. In fact, if we belong to Christ we shouldn't. Nothing to hide.....

About a year ago, around this third week of September, I was a serious drug addict. It ruled my life. I was bound completely to marijuana. I was also a avid drinker. Living in California, marijuana comes in all sorts of different forms and in many different things. Its almost never ending. Every day, there was something new to ponder in this drug many would consider non addicting, and not that big of a deal.

This next thing as I speak, is not to glorify my past what so ever. It's not to brag, boast, or puff up the past addiction. I was so bound to this addiction, I would spend nearly sometimes up to a 1000$ dollars a month. I consumed enough each day to keep myself numb. To keep myself completely isolated from the reality I lived. Sin, shame, hatred, anger, depression, agony, misery, violence, abuse, ect was how I lived. I went above and beyond being just high, I made it a point each day to create a feel that would keep me completely unable to function as a normal person.

My addiction was unfortunately passed down to my wife, and also snared my little brother. My wife was consuming just as much as I was. She was depressed, angry, hurt, confused, and would smoke to avoid anything that had to do with her personal life. We both became extremely addicted to it. We couldn't wake up without smoking, we couldn't eat with out smoking, we couldn't go anywhere without being high. We couldn't even sleep without being high. Everything about life, literally revolved around being high. Literally.

I found truth in doctrine, by the Pentecostal movement I guess you would say. Later to be understood as apostolic doctrine. Mind you I was going to a Lutheran church where service was dull, had no power, and was just void of anything that had to do with the spirit of The Lord openly. There was no change, no repentance. I was going nowhere, while being decieved that my situation was actually ok with God. I can remember literally crumbling apart and loosing it one day at home. I wanted to destroy everything that surrounded me in hatred for myself. I battled daily suicide. I had attempted three times before....the crushing weight of the void within my spirit was so heavy, I couldn't bare it anymore.

As I began to look into the apostolic, I was watching a lot of Lee Stoneking. I pondered the difference and how it felt when I went to "church," verses watching messages being preached in the Holy Ghost through a iPhone screen. (I never felt what I felt in my life) Having the understanding prior to finding the apostolic, I knew I needed the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I was taught this from a dear brother of mine, a loved one now, who kept me close. Who was there for me by the grace and mercy of God alone. To The Lord be the glory! As I found the apostolic congregation in my neighborhood through the UPC organization, I began to learn about Acts 2:38. (Death, burial, resurrection) I searched for God for about a year and a half while still being addicted to my habit. But as I began to learn in the apostolic congregation....my conviction began to grow. It grew to a point where it agonized me day in and day out. Before there was no conviction. Just the same old same old.

As conviction became stronger and stronger, my addiction became more and more agonizingly heavy on my spirit. I began to go to a nightly praise service. In these praise services I began to weep over my addiction and reality. As I grew more aware of the need of the Holy Ghost and fire, I began to pray and ask God to fill me with his spirit and change me, or I would assuredly die in my sins. One service I walked in, and I was on my face praising and praying to God, as the worship leader ministered in the Holy Ghost. (witnessed God do some mighty things in those services) I began to feel as if my entire body was consumed with heat in an air condition room no larger then a small classroom at 75 degrees max. (As a woman prayed over me in tongues) I asked for fire that night from God. To keep this short I began to speak in another tongue so fast, I could barely catch my breath. Well that's what it felt like, but I was totally ok. Afterwards I began to feel like I was drunk or high, I've never witnessed this before in my life. I noticed after some time I was on my back hands lifted up in the air just praising God with nothing else on my mind but praise to him. I felt like I couldn't get up what so ever.....

Unfortunately as I just received the Holy Ghost, I made the decision even with the deep conviction to smoke marijuana. ( I smoked as soon as I got home that night, pathetic) I did this still for about 6-7 more months. My chains had yet been broken...I was still bound. As conviction grew, I began to weep and weep and weep and weep to be let free. I just couldn't stop!

Finally one day I worked up the courage to stop and step out. I went 10 days or so.....and relapsed. The withdrawals from how intense my addiction was, was literally unbearable. Stuck in the vicious cycle, I went to go smoke this one night. I was some what detoxed, and when I had gotten high it was so bad from conviction mixed with being high, I began to panic. I literally almost couldn't breath. I knew I was wrong, I knew it was time. No matter what I had to stop!

I remember looking into the sky, while being high, and almost like I herd an audible voice within side of me. It basically told me "if you continue to do this, I cannot have the relationship you want with me. And I cannot have the relationship I want with you." Feeling that in my spirit, I went back into the house, cleaned house, and took it all in a bag wrapped up and threw it in the dumpster.

Honestly I've looked back in temptation of the flesh, and lies of the enemy. But I have NEVER, EVER, taken another puff of that stuff EVER, since that day. It's been a battle in the trenches.

That happened on a Saturday night. Sunday the next day we went to service at the apostolic congregation. ( we were baptized in Jesus name maybe 4-5 months as well, both being baptized in Jesus name, and in the Holy Ghost) we obeyed Acts 2:38....but had still been bound before the final day of letting go. I let go the prior night to service. I walked in early with my wife. We both went to the pastor of the congregation....we said we are done. (Our minds were made up) we got on our knees before service (being sick from withdrawals mentally physically and emotionally) and called on the name of The Lord!

After that prayer, I had no withdrawals at all. I was not sick. It all was totally lifted off my body. Hallelujah!! I felt like a new man! I was able to eat fine, I could think straight, I could talk without scrambling thoughts and words, I could sleep. Months went by and I didn't crave a thing. In fact, I forgot about the stuff....

As well as my addiction being broken off me by The Lord, my anger went away. My depression went away, my mania and violence stopped. Confusion seem to be lifted. I was now happy, had joy. Things seemed brand new.

This is my story, and I really hope this glorified God. He ended a 10-12 year addiction and a 10-12 year aganozing roller coaster ride of depressive maniac spirits that were latched on to me. He did it all within a prayer that lasted a minute or two....my life has truly never been the same. I struggle, and I have been down. I still struggle, but I'm still sober, and never going back. I've looked back, and the devil tries to remind me daily of it......but I'm still never going back.

JESUS IS KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS. Jesus is God manifested in the flesh. He is the visible manifestation of the invisible spirit of God. He is a miracle worker. It may not sound like a miracle to some, but going from a bounds addict and spiritually opressed lost person, to free and clean is a miracle to me. I'm still praising him a year from then.....

Jesus I am no where near who I was. I am never going back. You have set me free, and in the manner you did it with your mercy and love, surely you can do it for anyone anywhere at anytime. I bless your holy name. For you oh one and only true living God are blessed honored glorfied and praised for forever. Hallelujah.... To Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the miracle maker.


PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like Fabiani, I too was addicted to weed. I thought that it was natural, everyone was doing it so it was okay. But what I learned through my addiction was that I was not healed from past hurts and I was really rejected in life, so I numbed my pain by entering a new reality through marijuana usage. God did not create us to be high, and to live life high. He created us to have a relationship with him and get high off his Holy Spirit, his real power! When we become children of God and ask Jesus to come inside of us, our old life passes and our new life is born and we find it hard to adjust to our new spiritual lifestyle with Christ, but with God's healing power and the blood of Jesus, he makes all things new and you can do all things in his name! Phil 4:13! Speak against that addiction and be set free!

GOD can and will deliver you! He can set you free if you really desire! If you need healing and deliverance today from marijuana, pray this:


Praise God for your deliverance! Send us an email if you need a prayer partner or friend to talk to as you go through this new transformation, spiritualhomies101@gmail.com! GOD BLESS!

- Spiritual Homie Naomi

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