God can NOT be intercepted.. A word from GOD!

God con NOT be intercepted.... ( his small still voice spoke this to me last night as I awoke from a dream @ 4:00am...)

Whatever he gave you, showed you and you heard it from him. The Will he has for your life. He will push it on through! Nothing will stop his plan, his purpose, his goal for your life! Even if someone else ran the wrong play that was suppose to be on your team, it's ok. Gods play will still send you to the touchdown! If your obedient to God, he is your coach, he shows you what to do, where to do it, how to do it and your fully obedient in your whole lifestyle, he will take care of you! He will provide! Stay in Gods will! Do what God desires for you! Give him your whole life! Listen, obey and execute! And watch him bless you and give you all the desires of your heart! Why?! Cause God desires players who sacrifice their whole life for souls being won! When he sees that your a team player with the Holy Spirit and that you listen to the coach - the Father and you run with Jesus, you become the official team member of his heavenly team!

Nothing will block you, stop you and intercept you from receiving all God has for you because your on his team!!!!! He knows he can trust you with your desires cause they go right back to him! You truly desire saving souls, you desire seeing people delivered, healed, helped! God is pleased that your desires are not selfish and pleasing to you but pleasing to others and therefore my friends, he is pleased with you!!!! When your on his team, when your in his will, you will always be right where you need to be! Rejoice and be free!!!!!!

So a play didn't go the way you thought it would, the person on the other side was not being obedient, BUT Gods will still be done! He is setting up more teammates, more water boys lol more people to help you execute this win for him!!! God can NOT be intercepted!!!!!

Pray to him and praise him for his love endures forever and his will be done forever and ever amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all,

Spiritual Homie Naomi 

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