God's Love Never Fails

Its so refreshing to know that when we fail, God's love and mercy will stand firm and cover all of our failures. It's because his son JESUS took every failure, every sin and every mistake we could ever make past, present and future on the cross and shed his blood for the souls of all human beings. He did this so we could be one with GOD. When we fail God, when we go against him and his word, we are choosing to live as we want and it will have consequences to our sin, however, he will never keep his love from us! Once we ask him for forgiveness and repent, he then pours out his love, grace and mercy on to us so we can find our strength in his supernatural power! We are then to walk in our repentance and seek him to do better. Living this lifestyle brings his power to fully show up and show us that he is there with us, never leaving us and never forsaking us.  Even when we fail him! The Blood is still stronger!
I took a trip with my family to see some other family members this past week. The flights were long and drug out. But when I arrived I felt at peace. I then began to get home sick. I missed my bed, I missed my home and my friends. I even missed GOD. I was so busy helping my family and those around me that I didn't set a time apart the whole vacation to spend time with him. On my way back on the first flight, I then just started to speak to him, I told him I wanted him and only him. I started to listen to my worship music and focus on what he tells me in his word. I asked the Holy Spirit to remind me of all that is of him. I then began to feel a rush of pure love over me on my flight. I then heard him speak to me and express to me that even though I felt that I was far and away from him, he was closer then ever and how he would never leave me. Even when I feel like he is not near, he is near and will draw to me as I draw to him. 
What is so cool about the God of the Universe is that he is not pushy, he is not overwhelming, he is gentle and would never bombard us to believe in him, but gives us FREE WILL to reach out to him and once we do, his spirit rushes in and consumes our mind, body and soul that then opens our eyes to his spiritual world. He provides us with peace that surpasses all understanding and reminds us that WE BELONG TO HIM!
But we must first confess it with out mouths that we need him, we want him and desire to live for him. Soon as we invite him, he rushes in and your life is never the same. 
As I was on that flight, I felt the power of GOD, the cool rush of wind from the spirit of God tell me, over and over, I'm here, I will never leave and all you need to do is surrender to me and let me lead you into the pastures.
I want to encourage you today. You may feel far away from God. There may have been something in your life that made you feel like you were far away from him.  I'm here to tell you that he is with you and he just needs you to say, God I want you, I need you and I love you. Show me your spirit and stay with me.
RIGHT NOW, say it, do it and focus on GOD! And open your heart to him. Ask him for repentance and then accept it that the blood of JESUS died for your sins and they are covered! You can daily renew your life and mind in Christ when you just surrender. 
Remember, his love NEVER FAILS and is strong enough for YOU! 
Enjoy this song and let his spirit fill up your heart with his peace. 

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