Holding on holds you by: Nissa Manry Fulton

Holding on holds you


Colossians 3:13King James Version (KJV)

13 Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.


Before doing today’s blog I had to pray and truly examine myself and ask God to reveal because I want to let nothing hold me from walking in Freedom and He revealed to me that it is ALWAYS important to examine oneself to see if anythings holding you because holding on holds you back and most the time we are holding on to things or people because of unforgiveness.  There are so many wrong thoughts about unforgiveness and wrong view and misconceptions…the main one being that forgiveness is for the person you are forgiving not realizing forgiveness is FOR YOU…  MOST people don’t even know that you done let something they’ve done or said hold you in the way it has, so how can forgiveness be for them?

My mom, which i tell this testimony alot because it has been a major hold and an even larger release in my life; anyways, she did not raise me and I hated her for it… I lived bitter; angry; depressed; suicidal; lonely and with a victimized mentality for 35 years until God showed me that I would not move any more until I let her go…holding on held me back!!!

I didn’t know how nor where to start until I sought the truth on forgiveness not seeing how ignorant I was on the subject until studying (2 timothy 2:15)  long story short, I learned I was in error and sin and a liar because I said I loved my mom; yet, I did not because unforgiveness is not love and to say I love God means I love others and to love God and hate others (which i did by unforgiving) is sin and to walk in unforgiveness towards anyone is NOT loving God because GOD LOVES AND HIS LOVE FORGIVES…

I can’t lie and say I learned to forgive overnight.  It killed me to forgive.  The pain was surreal…the fear was surreal…”GOD I HAVE TO FORGIVE THOSE WHO RUINED MY LIFE”, was my thought process and what I asked  my Father and I DIDN’T understand why He’d lead me to such pain until I realized freedom has to go through a process; unfortunately, pain is part of that process…  I began to cry out…cry out…cry out until I felt it was a waste of time, BUT GOD right when I was giving up and giving in, HE WAS BEING GLORIFIED!!!

I forgave my mom shortly after and God has led her to my direction at this time but I must say this:  “forgiveness dont remove residue, it frees you to where everything can be surfaced” because Gods done a finished work but we have to walk as if we believe we are the finished work…

Exercise:::  draw your cup replacing poison (unforgiveness) with Freedom (forgiveness)!!!

Do you see your finishing product? Do you live forgiveness?

Do you think forgiveness?


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