I am who I am because of what I have experienced.

I didn't just wake up one day believing in Jesus Christ. It took years for me to truly understand, know and believe in the spiritual father who I call my savior. My parents taught me, but I didn't start believing until I started to experience him spiritually. I had faith, yet I still didn't understand the meaning of love, grace and mercy until I truly needed it. Everyone's story is different, mine so happen to be so real that it ended up changing my whole meaning of life with Christ because I actually experienced a one on one meeting with him in the spirit.

The verse that's says, "many are called but few are chosen" he truly does choose you. Why?! I have no idea! When? In your mothers womb! How? He designs us all to fully operate as emotional beings made in his image to receive true love, understanding and comprehension of why we were made, how and how to feel the void once given to us from birth in knowing there is more to this life. God is complicated, the word says, "his ways are HIGHER then our ways". We will NEVER truly get him or understand him completely, however, I know and I promise you. An experience in the spiritual realm through his Holy Spirit will ultimately change your life. Encountering his presence, his love, his true heart through intimacy in praying, worshiping and reading his word will direct you in being strong in your faith and walking in the calling of you being chosen. For me, it was forced on me, which I now see I am so thankful he pulled me out of the lions den and showed me his face in the midst of my darkness.

The encounters I've had with him, keep me on the path of just wanting to please him in every way cause I have seen how real he is. When I want to detour, I keep the time of me and him, one in one, breathing in his true presence and him telling me, "your my child, I love you and I have a plan for you, repent and let me lead you" since then I've never been the same.

Do you desire an encounter? All you need is a mustard seed of faith and honesty with God. In your season now, he can grow sweet fruits within you. The fruits of the spirit that will last you a lifetime. Just speak his name, cause he is already listening.

God bless.
Spiritual Homie Naomi

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