JESUS, Our Peace, Hope, Life. Nothing Else Matters!

I don't know about you all, but for me I get caught up at times. I start believing the lies of this world that transpires false hope, false acceptance and in true reality, we are called to be transformed from this world and not conformed. Jesus was given to us as living proof of God to warn us of what the world will try to tell us to draw us away from the truth of it all. The truth is, none of this stuff matters. Homes, money, cars, entertainment, friends, even family will all pass away. Jesus was given to us as a gift to show us that he was the ultimate sacrifice for one to experience heaven on earth and heaven after. By just believing we can be walking with him daily with his Holy Spirit, with a presence that is not made by man but by the creator of the universe. I've experience God before and his miraculous glory and ever since I never wanted to go back to this world and the lies they sell us. Instead, I've wanted Jesus and his words, his values, his truths, his peace, his joy, his hope so I can be living life fully in my true purpose and that purpose is to love God will all of my heart, mind and soul and then to love my neighbor as I love myself, this will help fulfill the law that was once given to us by God and warned to us by the prophets. Basically, I desire to be, that living sacrifice. Holy, acceptable and pure unto Jesus because I love him. I love him cause he first loved me. Everything else this world has for me, it can take it back. Give me Jesus. I pray this can be the same for you. Find your Truth in #Jesus, the one who gave it all away so you can have all of him and your purpose in living. 

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