Make JESUS, KING of your Life!

I watched Sid Roth yesterday and he was speaking on Jesus being known as "Savior" to many people, but he should not just be known as "Savior", but should be known as "KING"! He should be at the center of your life! We are teaching salvation so much throughout our churches, ministries, etc. when we must realize, we have been saved and once we are saved, we must put JESUS in all of our motions, our motives and start teaching the GOSPEL of the KINGDOM!

The Kingdom Gospel is on what God desires for us, what he wants us to be and what he wants us to do, to have his signs and wonders be here on earth. Miracles only happen, when you truly have faith and believe they can. But how when you are always guessing if your good enough, if you still overcoming a sin, you must believe that "Greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the world", you must know that you are a conqueror and you are saved, a child of God and he has given you gifts, talents, to be used for his kingdom so souls can be saved, healing can take place and deliverance can be done and then be set free! Stop letting sin control your life where you can't speak up and lead the world to CHRIST! You have to make JESUS the center so he can lead you into not sinning and then lead you into your destiny of saving the world through his name!

Signs and Wonders come to those who seek the Kingdom, seek JESUS and not this world, not the desires of it, not the doctrines of it, but just his teachings, JESUS, his words, his holy spirit and his power! Once you follow him, you wont be needing all these "fix yourself" sermons, he is the fixer upper! He is the healer! But you must believe, let go, remove things that are stopping him to move in your life, he will show you what they are when you develop that relationship!

Make JESUS the KING of your life, your world, and his Holy Spirit will make his presence HOME in your mind, body and spirit = soul and then signs, wonders, miracles will daily continue to flow in your life! Live for him! Not yourself, and watch the Kingdom of GOD transpire in your world :)

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