Meet SPEAKER "Naomi Galatas - Spiritual Homie Naomi" who will be speaking @ Spiritual Homies 101!

Marynaomi Galatas - Spiritual Homie Naomi, is the creator of Spiritual Homies. She is a single mother of one who inspires those around her to keep pursuing God with their whole life. She works downtown in New Orleans as a PR/Marketing Coordinator. On her spare time she enjoys planning events, writing, reading, praying, worshiping and spending time with her beautiful little girl Kylie-Naomi.

Naomi is a graduate of Xavier University of La. and has a BA in Mass Communications and a minor in Speech Communication. With over 10 years of experience in motion pictures, radio, television and marketing, Naomi hit a dead end when she lived outside the will of God for her life. After having her first child out of wedlock and losing her financial income, she realized that she was not in her true purpose and life was very dark and unfulfilling.

After running from her true calling and trying to do things on her own, she realized that she needed more then her own power to live the purpose God had planned for her and she wanted a new life with his blessing.

In 2012, Naomi surrendered her will, left the entertainment industry, re-dedicated her life to Jesus and chose to walk with God everyday, seeking him, hearing him and following his every move with his Holy Spirit.

In 2015, God gave Naomi the vision of Spiritual Homies, a faith based organization that encourages all societies on the power of God and their purpose for living through mentoring programs, special events, conferences and more!

Who are Spiritual Homies? Spiritual Homies are individuals who seek God daily and who desire building relationships with all people, so they can experience the power of God through his Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Homies Mottos: "Friends of God & People", "In the World, Not of the World".
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