Meet SPEAKER "REBIRTH" who will be speaking @ SpiritualHomies101 this weekend!

Its a HUGE honor to have my brother Ander Pellerano speaking
@ #SpiritualHomies101 - Discipleship Conference!


Andy "ripPaco" Pellerano aka Rebirth is an aspiring Christian HipHop artist,with a phenomenal testimony of the amazing grace,glory,wrath,miraculous power of God! Andy is a New Orleans native,who's roots where planted in the WestBank region of the N.O. and later sprouted all over the metropolitan area from the Westbank to the Eastbank.

Andy's parents are of Latin descent mother from Honduras n father from Cuba with Sicilian roots.Therefore giving Andy a variety of culture that is heard through his music, distinctive style, hard delivery with soul penetrating punchlines. His context derives from a street life persona. I will not go in depth with his background as he suggested for he refuses to give the devil ground or glory! Andy was a member of The Almighty Latin King Nation. He was initiated at the tender age of 15 and had been arrested for his first felony at 13, which eventually lead to a 1'st degree attempted murder arrest at 17.

This would be a pattern throughout his life until he finally submitted unto the will of God! Andy has served 8 yrs n 2 months in prison n 1 yr in a faith based rehabilitation center at White Dove Fellowship where he was mandated by the Jefferson Parish Judicial system with a suspended sentence over his head if he failed to complete! Andy completed the program in April of 2014 and was married the day of his release! Andy also has a son Alexander Domingo Pellerano born 11/6/2011. Which would be a bitter sweet day,for his beautiful baby boy was born with PKD a terminally ill kidney disease!

Prison never changed him, however this did! This was the broken state when he called on the Lord! This was his rock bottom where he had no choice but to submit. However it didn't happen right away.Yes,he prayed however he was still blind, consumed by the darker side and still indulged in the underworld of New Orleans Crime was his game along with worldly Hip Hop. Andy was being used by the devil n his demons, however Andy was on his way to deliverer(PRAISE GOD)!

Andy caught another charge and this would now be his 3rd felony(3x's n your out right?No 3x's delivered him! The courts wanted to throw him away yet God had a different plan (Amen)! God parted the red sea of la's judicial system n landed him at White Dove Fellowship where he was finally healed! Andy is no longer blind n has his spiritual eye's wide open.Andy is now traveling from State 2 State,sharing his testimony both through music n spoken word! Andy also ministers at juvenile facilities and through a Outreaches along with concerts in high crime areas! He is also the President of One Accord Ministries,which is a non profit aimed at reaching the lost,through music n word!

PostScript: (from Andy"Rebirth" Pellerano April 12'th 2013) "I was simply a sperm penetrating the embryo of the Church. See I've been like a baby in the womb the Church is my mother nourishing me with the water of life along with the fruits of the Spirit. However I must add it has been a delayed pregnancy in 11' months in a couple of days n have left! Then boom April 12th 2014 I will b pushed out the warmth of the womb into a cold world that I must add i'm ready to set on fire! See i'm not a baby crying that can't yet talk, I'm an Apostle screaming the word of the Lord with boldness, I'm not a baby trying to learn how to crawl I'm a spirit filled man trying to learn how to fly, I am not a mere prince born into a worldly kingdom I am a Priest King and my Father sits on the throne! Esther4:14 "what's more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?" It's dark outchea LET'S TURN ON THE LIGHTS!
John Wesley said ,"If i had 300 men who feared nothing but God,hated nothing but sin,n were determined to know nothing among men but Jesus Christ n him crucified, i would set the world on fire!".......I say get da gas baby Stand Up,Man Up.....
Where y'all at? Lets Get It.....GodLove The Time Is Right Nahhh!"

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