New Orleans Citizens Bring Peace to Baton Rouge Protest

A group of ex-convicts, ex- gang members and former criminals who call themselves “One Accord Ministries” united for hope and peace Saturday, July 9th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to shine a light on the most recent police killing of Alton Sterling in front of Triples convenience store with protesters.

One Accord who is known for community outreaches, live concerts, youth conferences and feeding the homeless all over the nation in low income neighborhoods, believed that it was only right for them to attend this protest to bring a glimpse of hope and faith into an atmosphere of madness.

Ander (Andy) “Rebirth” Pellerano and Rayshone “Burke” Manuel who are Christian Hip Hop artists and past convicts, suggested that their crew make their way to Baton Rouge to not promote the “Black Lives Matter” movement but promote the “United in Prayer” and “Jesus for America” movement.

Protesters and community leaders gathered around the group to receive prayer, consultation, knowledge and optimism. While praying, Pellerano ran into Warden Dennis Grimes of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison who was Pellerano’s Correctional Officer at the Dixon Correction Institute in Baton Rouge some years ago. Pellerano had a chance to pray and talk with Warden Grimes on how he has chosen a positive path and no longer lives a life of crime.  

“Our main purpose in attending the protest was to do the opposite of whatever everyone else was doing out there. Many people were screaming hateful words, bringing division, but we were out there to bring unity and we accomplished that by standing on our mission and bringing God in the picture” says Pellerano.

Not only is One Accord Ministries bringing light to reality but also to Social Media. This past week a video went viral of Burke praying with an officer the day after Alton Sterling was shot. Rapidly, Facebook members posted and shared the video!

The video has reached over 10 million views and now online publications are bringing awareness to this uplifting moment.  View the viral video here.

What’s next for One Accord? In the weeks to come, One Accord is planning a city wide circle of prayer around Lee Circle in New Orleans for all cultures, races and religions. Stay tuned!

2 Chronicles7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


One Accord Ministries Community Outreach Event
Left: Level Martinez, MMA Fighter, Middle: Andre (Andy) “Rebirth” Pellerano,
Right: Rayshone “Burke” Manuel 

View more viral videos from protest:
Burke Instagram – Viral Video
Burke Facebook – Viral Video
Pellerano Praying & Talking With Officers Video
Praying in front the Store W. Protestors




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  • Brotha Andy I am so proud of u…. you are an example of how God want us to be… thank you for everything that you do… especially being a role model to my Andre…. you are his inspiration….. and I am so glad he have you in his life… God bless you and family… in Jesus name… amen!

    • Martha Samayoa
  • Psalms133:1
    How good and pleasent it is when God’s people live together in unity!
    #OneAccord No Division

    • ANdy REbirth