Reality TV, Spiritual Eyes & Worship....

It was just a regular Tuesday afternoon, but I had the worst headache ever! I prayed to God to give me wisdom on how I can treat myself to feel better. I also wondered why I was having such a bad migraine. I thought about what I did that day that would give my body such an attack! I'll mention what he showed me after this..

Well,  as I was leaving work, I heard a small still voice say, "put worship music on in your office". I then went to you tube and searched for the best worship playlist that I could find! I left it on my desktop to continue to play in my office all night long. Little did I know the greatness that would come from me just doing that.

I left work, still not feeling well, but I fought through it. I went straight to sleep when I got home and I woke up feeling a little better. On my way to work, I still felt a spirit of oppression and sadness over me. I asked God, "Why am I feeling the way I do? My spirit is not strong! Why?!?"  I then began to praise him and worship him in my car, speaking against any demonic influence, any spirits that were influencing me to be consumed with the devils plan, which is to kill, destroy and make us feel worthless! I then felt better. I started saying to myself, I am a child of God, I have power in his name! I must shake this off! 

As I walked into my office, I became instantly refreshed! I then saw the worship music being played on my computer screen! I was like WOW! GOD! You knew I would need to enter right into your presence as I entered my office! I then became joyful, my spirit was uplifted, even with my minor headache, I was joyful! I became optimistic and I instantly thanked him for preparing my office with this presence! He knew I was in a spiritual battle with my mind, and he helped me in the midst of fighting through it! He set my office with his presence, so right when I entered, I began to thank him, worship him and lifted up his name! Because with worship, comes healing, deliverance, freedom and joy! God knew that what I did the day before, would have me fighting in the spiritual realm. 

1 Chronicles 16:27- 29, "Splendor and Majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his dwelling place."28 Ascribe to the LORD, all you families of nations, ascribe to the LORD glory and strength. 29 Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; bring an offering and come before him. Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.

Life is not easy and at times what we watch, what we do, what we listen to, can interfere with what God is trying to do. Our eyes, ears, spirits - souls, are very sensitive when are saved and filled with God's spirit, the Holy Spirit. You can grieve the Holy Spirit with what choices you make. For myself, I grieved the Holy Spirit yesterday. HOW? I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, I didn't commit any natural sin, BUT, I did go against God's word. HOW?

I ended up watching some reality shows that were not glorying a godly lifestyle. I allowed the evil spirits from those shows that showed jealousy, hate, sexual immorality, deceit and lies to come into my spirit through my vision (my eyes)! The Holy Spirit is pure, holy and righteous and he lives inside of us. His spirit is real and when we allow evil spirits to have a small open door to us, he grieves, he is fighting against them spiritually to keep us guarded and protected! My body became under attack after watching those shows. The Holy Spirit was protecting me and his vessel/temple. And I was feeling it all!

The word of God says,Psa 101:3  I will set nothing wicked before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not cling to me. 

Also, Romans 13:13 says, "Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy" 

We must keep our minds clear, clean away from anything that God does not agree with. If you are watching these things and not caring on what God thinks, then you do not agree with his word. Its like a slap in the face. Even if you feel like you are not living that kind of lifestyle, but you are allowing their lifestyle to be entertaining, coming into your spirit, is just as bad as you doing it. You are gratifying their actions and their lifestyle! You are paying their bills too! Ratings equal more money! We must be smarter with what we watch and what we give our mind to! Our mind is a precious muscle, that can be used for his glory or the devil's glory. Our mind is a battlefield and if we do not protect and keep it safe, the devil can run around in it doing what he wants to do! Providing fear, self worth,  perversion, etc...

Some may say, Naomi you are too sensitive. Nothing can happen if you watch those shows, etc. Well, I'm giving you full proof now, something happened from me watching those shows! Its not being legalistic, its been sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the power of GOD. God is not happy with those that go against his word. He still loves you but he hates sin and no sin will ever enter into his kingdom, so why watch sin? Why watch people go against God?? Choose who you will serve! The world and its fame and glory? Or the word of God, his presence and his Holy Spirit?

God wants us to control what we think about, what we meditate upon, what we allow in our minds! 

Philippians 4:8 says, "Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things."


If you ever feel sad, depressed, angry for no reason or overcoming with a mood of oppression, something in your spirit is telling you something must be cleansed, renewed and removed! Ask God to show you what to do, and how to do it! 

David was convicted daily, asking God to renew his heart and help him to stay pure because he knew he had fleshly desires and was a natural man with natural desires. 

PSALMS 51: 10 - 13  Create in me a clean heart, God; renew in me a resolute spirit. Don’t thrust me away from your presence, don’t take your Ruach Kodesh away from me. Restore my joy in your salvation, and let a willing spirit uphold me.Then I will teach the wicked your ways, and sinners will return to you.

God may tell you to stop watching certain shows or movies. He also may show you how to not hang with certain people, listen to certain music. WHY? Because he knows your body is his temple, he wants to protect you from any demonic influence from this world that would take you off track with his purpose and his plan. He loves you so much that he gives you wisdom and knowledge through his word to teach you to have a good life and to feel his presence and his voice daily!

If your bored go for a run, read your bible, create a poem, develop a song, become artistic and create! He made you to create and then to share your message of his love to the world! Become so occupied with Jesus that he leads you into your calling. Turn the TV off that steals your time, your spirit and your heart! Learn more about the man you call your savior. JESUS!

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