I'm a single mom. I'm content. I'm thankful. I'm appreciative of every opportunity I have allowed God to move in my life. I must say, it's hard, it's tough, but it only makes me stronger and makes me wise. I pick up my cross and I die to myself daily. My flesh, my desires mean nothing. I am learning to how to find true enjoyment and contentment in Jesus, myself, and my child! Being single is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength! Greater is he that is in me then he that is in the world. Nothing in this world will bring the joy, the peace the happiness I receive in knowing who I am on Christ and who he is developing me to be daily for my child and our future. Being single is not a curse. It's not a trial. It's not a problem. It is what it is. A way of life that is not detrimental, but for a purpose, a true calling and a true gift that many will not ever get to experience! And the more you rejoice in being where you are at and who you are in this season, gives you more enlightenment, more vitality, more understanding. It's a blessing. To say you do not need anyone to give you joy is a true gift! To know you can be happy alone with the God of the universe and the gift he has given you through childbirth is true fulfillment. I'm praying for the single moms. Who still get ridiculed, judged, condemned and spoken down to because they are living a life without a help mate. Well I have Great news for you all, JESUS can and will show you now more then ever that he can be the greatest helpmate to you! In this season, let him direct your path, show you his glory and give you his power to do all things, accomplish your dreams and provide for you and your children! You are Strong, you have worth and you have much value! Single Moms, I love you and we are in this together! God bless you and let's all keep praying for more of his knowledge and wisdom in this season of forever giving to the lives that need us the most. Our seeds.  be proud to be a single mother! You are a light of Gods true grace!

This upcoming year I will be realsing my first book, "7 Spiritual Tips for the Single Mom". This book will encourage, inspire and provide wisdom for the Single Moms who desire contentment in this season, who want to know more about God and their purpose and how to find true enjoyment in being themselves and with their children. I believe we need more women of God who are single mothers to understand that no matter how it looks in the natural, the spiritual realm is where GOD is doing the most work in us. We should never give up but rely on him for our strength. Let him show you that he is all you need! I promise he will like never before. GOD BLESS!

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