The time I tested & trusted GOD with my $money$!!!


So I have to write out my most recent financial testimony....For a few months I stopped paying my tithes. I would give here and there but I broke the covenant with God.

See, of August last year, I tested God and I said, I will give you my whole life of course but also 10% of my earning and let me see what you are about lol I seriously was being tested myself lol. I remember wanting to have events for Spiritual Homies and not having much money, but GOD still provided, he then started sending me people to work with me on the side that open doors for me to see miracles, he provided every month for me and my daughter without hesitation.

WELL, I stopped tithing around three months ago for about two months, and I needed him the most but I failed, I didnt trust him. I took everything out in my own hands, boy did I struggle!!! I was left with maybe $100 from each pay check to live off of. I was paying my bills but not living. He still came through just not the way I needed him to cause I was not faithful by giving him my tithe.

Our Eat.Mix.Inspire. event space was booked off of faith! I didn't pay anything to reserve our spot until the day of the event and a $100 deposit for our attendees to come! Thankfully we had enough attendees to pay the space out (GOD DID THAT), but I still was not giving God my tithe! I thought I didn't have enough and I should wait! 

WELL! Two months ago, I was left again, with $100 to live off of after paying my bills and buying me and Kylie our needs. I tested God again, I said YO my Father in Heaven, I am about to give you my last $100! If this is what you desire for me, then I'm going to do it and I will trust in you! I gave him my tithe, two days later, I received $100 from a person who listened to God and was told to give me that. Then, I was also give an opportunity to make $1500! Of the $1500, I gave my 10%, then I was given more from random friends and family.

I then began to just sow seeds to strangers, $20 to a girl in a store, an extra $20 tip to a waiter, just given money away like I had it lol and every time I gave, I got something BACK! I gave $50 to an organization yesterday, received $50 back that night! I'm NOT LYING! Then I was given another $40 randomly by a good friend!

When you GIVE, with a GOOD heart, I PROMISE YOU, You will GET IT BACK!!!!!!!!

When I tell you I have MORE then what I need right now and more coming I know! And still able to save! GOD is TRUE to his word! ONLY if your TRUE to him! Test him, See how GOOD he is! I will NEVER stop tithing again, I know that for sure!

I hope this helped someone today! We are never at our last when we have GOD on our side, he will ALWAYS come thru!

Love yall!

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