The Unfaithful Wife & Loyal Husband!

Please watch this video! 
If you would like to know more on this topic, read Hosea for yourself. Our father uses many situations to have his will done. Hosea was a prophet, a man afters God's heart who did not even want to get married, but God ordered him to marry a unfaithful woman, a prostitute, and then he loved her through her faults, the people around him didnt understand, but God was using this for the children of Israel to see that God still loves us even when we are of sin! The prostitute turned from her ways because Hosea loved her and showed her the love of God, he didnt leave her. That is what GOD does to us! Even in our sin he loves us, Hosea 2:19-20 says God promises to betroth us and be faithful to us no matter what! He is our husband! Our leader and will never forsake us! His love is so powerful and so real, it will change us! Please read the whole book and ask God to show you his real love! He loves you! 

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