Tonight! Worship @ The Lighthouse!





The great folks @ the "Indwelling" has developed a wonderful outreach event that provides the heart of New Orleans a place for fellowship, prayer and worship.
This event was created for the Holy Spirit and his power to set the atmosphere in NOLA by bringing people together that LOVE JESUS and LOVE EACH OTHER,  to worship the one true God! 
This event is open to the public, its free and it will renew and refresh your spirit! We will be there!
Where is this taken place? 

The Lighthouse on Camp St.
743 Camp St., New Orleans, LA
9.27.16 @ 6 pm


At 6 PM, @eatlacubana food truck and @petiterougecoffeetruck will be serving up some good stuff! At 7 PM, worship will begin.


View the very first "Worship night @ the Lighthouse" video below!

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