Use the word of God WISELY! - End Time Dream

End Time Warning. I had a dream the other night of Bibles being burned. God showed me that those who use his word in the wrong context to manipulate, control and deceive others are destroying his word. Its just like burning his most precious book. Please read the dream below.

I dreamed that I was in a large facility, like a building with rooms that were for conferences and teaching events, we were in the Middle East area, and people were running back and forth saying "Hide your Bibles", "Hide your Bibles", there was a group of mean men coming in every section of the building, torching bibles, making them burn, and if you would bring new ones out they would burn again, and then I saw people scared, putting their bibles away, hiding them, but when they found them they took them away.

Then I noticed a whole bunch of bibles just being burned to the ground, - this was not about the church being persecuted, but the church no longer using the word of God in the proper context.

The church "the building that meets" are taking context and flipping it, twisting it to manipulate and mind control members into not fully being who they are lead to be, but to always be led like mindless sheep. They are also telling people that its okay to keep living in sin, to not be condemned and to not be convicted and live a holy pure life unto GOD. God desires PURITY< HOLINESS<RIGHTEOUSNESS! If you do not live a life, solely for him, you will not see his true power, you will not truly walk in his grace. Grace should not be used like a credit card. You can not keep sinning and then swiping the grace card, thinking God will keep forgiving you. IF you are living a lukewarm life, keep falling into the same sin, he will SPIT you out! Revelation 3:16! 

Its time for us to wake up. Repent and then leave the pews, those churches that are not allowing you to live in your true calling! 

Matthew 28:19 says, Go ye out into the world, all nations, baptizing all in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, - Go Ye OUT!

Leave your traditions, your rituals, your man made ordinations and move with the Holy Spirit! God wants us to be equally yoked and fellowship with believers just like us, but in a way that he is in the center, no one is being used, manipulated or put in a format where they are staying a baby Christian.

We need to be made into leaders, movers and shakers like the disciples. No one should ever have to question their faith after truly experiencing the Holy Spirit, one should then be led into intimacy with God and then share his love with those around them.

Yes, get plugged into a church where they are about souls, evangelism, moving and out-reaching into the community. We are all created equal, we all should be leading in some way if you are truly living For God!

Test the spirits of man, test the hearts of leaders and then move with God! Learn more and lead more! The time has come where God will move in you everywhere! Just be obedient and do it!

Use the word of God for love not control!

Amen and GOD bless you!

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