What God desires from us!?

I pray Romans 12:2 over myself and my followers this morning. Those who desire change but have not stepped forth to do so. Romans 12:2 speaks of us not conforming to the ways of this world, but transforming by the renewing of our mind, so then we can test and approve what is of God and what isn't. God desires for us to be pure vessels, set apart, Holy and acceptable unto him and the will he has for us. God loves all of us and even the sin we are in, but his love is so strong and tangible that it's meant for us to be redeemed and renewed by the blood that was shed from his son Jesus on the cross. After we believe he died for us, we speak it and he moves in us and he moves over us and lives in us and we start to have a clear mind, renewed mind, a mind set on things that are of him. However, we still can operate fleshly and do our own thing, not reaping what he truly has for us in the spiritual realm. Until we truly surrender our own fleshly desires, our own will, we will not receive his true calling for our lives. God wants us pure, Holy and righteous. Yes he made us as sexual beings, but not to sleep around with everyone we meet. Only that one he has designed for us to truly get pleasure from when the time is right. He made us passionate for others and love overall, but I do believe that this worlds views has tarnished true love, tarnished sex, tarnished the whole aspect of being with another. So my advice would be to you and me, wait and seek him for all purity, all holiness right now, even if your married. Put God first. Be heavenly minded , leaning on him and only him for your happiness, peace and joy. He is the creator of all and the universe. I promise he got you! I'm practicing purity. It's hard but I know it will be worth it. God bless! #purity #singles #married #pure #holy#righteous #heavenly #Spiritualhomienaomi

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