Spiritual Homie's Women's Brunch Re-Cap !

What an amazing time we had in the Lord @ Morning Call - City Park for our first Women's Brunch!
Rita Ayala blessed us with a beautiful worship dance! Click here to view! 
Our ladies were proud to bring God's goodness to the public to profess his love and grace!!

Speaker Nissa Fulton spoke on God never leaving her, being there with her through her hard times. In a life where she thought she never needed God, he showed up right on time! She has suffered with drugs, prostitution, she was a rape victim and attempted suicide a couple times, but GOD never let her go and is now using her to spread his message to the world! It was an honor to have her speak! 

Spiritual Homie Naomi & Sponsor/Owner Rhema Bookstore "Diana Saravia" spoke on God's mercy and his faithfulness! God gives us desires when we spend time with him and he gave her the desire to open a Christian book store. Without any finances she obeyed and he supplied and still providing for her and her family. She knows that God is in control and she is seeing the fruit from her obedience!

Speaker Robin Nicole spoke on God and his promises for our lives. What God says is final and how we should trust in his words and be strong no matter what the enemy will throw in our way. She is living proof of God never letting us go and staying true to his promises!
Speaker Ashlie Pellerano spoke on her and her husbands testimony. God saved her husband's life. Once an Heroine addict, Ashlie's husband died and was brought back to life by God. He then gave her wisdom on how to pray for her family and he moved swiftly in their lives and now they are reaping the fruit of his goodness and mercy. She is proud to speak of God's grace. Her husband Rebirth now travels all over the wold spreading the message of Jesus and how he saved his life, literally! 
It was a true honor to have these women speak up on how real God is! 
Stay tuned for the next women's brunch!!

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