Worship, Prayer & Word can change everything!

We daily live in a world that can distract us from the truth in what we believe in. At times we can get off focus and think that the afflictions of this life have more power than the power of God. We all can fall victim into thinking that this world and its hardships can take over our spirit and leave us feeling discouraged, doubtful and hopeless.
How can one overcome the dark forces of this world?
Here are a few ways!
When the going gets too tough. When you feel like no one else is there. When times become so hard where you are down and out and you know you are leaning on your own understanding, you must WORSHIP, PRAY and read your WORD! 


It is our duty and responsibility to seek after GOD in our midst of trouble! When things are going bad, we must still know and act like GOD is making it work together for our Good!
Worship glorifies our Father in heaven! When we worship we are saying, We know who you are, what power you have and how great you are! When we praise him and lift up his name, supernaturally our spirit receives his goodness, mercy, and grace! We then get a new perspective of his love and his power! We then know we were created to be in union with him. Even in our hard times, we must be in union with him! Worship sets the tone and atmosphere for him to be who he is in our life! 


When we pray. We are in union with God, speaking to him and proclaiming our faith in the spirit. We are seeking him and professing that he is real and he is with us as we speak to him. Faith comes with knowing and believing. When we pray, our faith gets stronger, our hope gets deeper and our peace gets restored because we have spoken to the God of the universe. His son Jesus made a way for us to be in union with him on the cross. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! No one can go to the Father but through him! When we have Jesus in our heart, our spirit becomes open to receive all that God has for us. The revelations God gives as he speaks through us during our prayer and worship time will change your outlook! It will open your spiritual eyes! It will open your heart to receive the truth of what you may be going through! Dedicating a time to pray is so vital as a believer. We must talk to the GOD who created us. When we enter into his presence, we will then find his strength to pursue all the trials this world gives us! We can count on him!


The word of God is a tool given to us by his Holy Spirit to guide us, lead us and provide us with real wisdom and understanding of this world. We need his words to ensure us that we are on the right path with him daily. He desires for us to be in his will. His will is his word. The Word of God has Past, Present and Future words that will give LIFE to your spirit. We must know who he is and why he is and how he is and his word can answer all those questions. It also gives us a different perspective on what we are 
We must know who he is and why he is and how he is and his word can answer all those questions. Of course, his love and grace are a mystery in some ways. But he gives us all we need when we seek him through his word! It also gives us a different perspective on what we are 
It also gives us a different perspective on the world. It opens our spiritual eyes to see what the world is truly like. It is not our home and the word of God gives us truth and knowledge on all things! 
Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you read it and then to open your eyes to his truth and you will receive revelation after revelation daily when you truly honor his word. 
I pray that these tips on how to overcome the hardships of the world inspire you. I know that things will never be perfect, but if we keep out eyes on HIM and his ways, and his love, we will forever receive his grace and overcome the impossible by his truth!
God bless you and enjoy these worship tunes today!
Let the spirit of GOD soak inside your vessel to give you strength to go beyond!

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