Spiritual Homies 101 Conference Review

Spiritual Homies 101 - Discipleship Conference  Review!

Worship, Prayer, Word & Connection! 


Our Session Topics Were :
Spiritual Gifts


 Friday Conference Review:

Friday was an awesome night of worship, prayer and connection. We had special Worship guest Rikki & Angel lead us into God's presence and many were restored and met with GOD one on one! Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! Many experienced healing, deliverance and freedom through our intimate with with the Holy Spirit and the word of God. 

Saturday attendees were focused and tuned in to every speaker and every session!


Saturday Speaker Review:

Saturday Conference Review: 
Bro Rico spoke on importations and what we are imparting into people can be either taken for good or evil. Every form of imparting should be encouraging, led by the spirit and meant for the kingdom of God. 
Bro Andy closed us off with a deep session that spoke on us being called and chosen to do God's will and working for the kingdom of God. He encouraged every attendee to lead by example, be led by the Holy Spirit and to pick up their cross daily and go out for Christ!
Nissa then spoke on how discipleship starts with obeying GOD and be led by the Holy Spirit. Her words spoke volumes to many where many were eager to go out and be used and walk in full obedience to God.

Naomi started the sessions off speaking on dwelling and walking with the Holy Spirit. She spoke on the importance of one on one time with God and how he will develop you and teach you how to be used for his kingdom.  

We then washed the feet of every attendee, blessing them and covering them so they can go out and accept the call to lead many to Christ Jesus! #SpiritualHomies101-Discipleship Conference 


Sunday Conference Review:

Sunday we gathered under the bridge near Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. & Calliope St. Many of our homeless community gathered around our tables for a hot meal and a word from GOD! Many received the Holy Spirit and Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!!